The Second Largest Sbobet Revenue Comes from Sportsbook in UK

One of the biggest Sbobet sectors in UK is sports betting or sportsbook with certain games chosen by most players. Basically, around 57% of revenue comes from the remote casinos in UK. The biggest support comes from slot games and the rest comes from table game and others. Meanwhile, poker which is known as the most played game in the world comes in the last place in UK with 2%. Meanwhile, the second biggest Sbobet sector is sports betting.

Sportsbook is A Popular Live Casino Online Game in UK

Around 37% of the revenue comes from sports betting. However, not all types of sport players like. Since UK is known as the country of football, no wonder if the biggest revenue comes from football with 54%. Every week, there must be many players who bet in football to support their own favorite teams.

In the second place, you may find horse racing with 32% of the revenue. The rest might come from other types of sport such as tennis, race and more. Sports betting are also the important menu inside most Sbobet sites in UK. It shows that the growth of sports betting is so fast in this country and it continues growing.